Introducing…. Better Leeds Communities

Better Leeds Communities is the organisation previously known as the Burley Lodge Centre.

As we approached our 30th Birthday, we reflected extensively on who we are and what our stakeholders understood about the totality of our organisation’s work. In essence, we found that there was a disjoint between our mission - to create opportunities that enable people in Leeds to achieve their potential by raising aspirations, removing barriers and developing abilities that lead to a better life and what the name of our organisation suggests – a centre for the people of Burley. We concluded that the name of our organisation did not reflect our current identity and have chosen Better Leeds Communities as our organisation's new name.

We will continue to work closely with the communities in Burley and Hyde Park and across West North West Leeds; some of our service delivery will retain a very local focus. We are not changing the name of the building – the building will still be called the Burley Lodge Centre and will sit within the organisation Better Leeds Communities, as will the four other distinct area of service delivery, the other three are Advice, Volunteering and Children, Young People and Families services.

Please visit our website for more information about the work of Better Leeds Communities.